Body Temperature Fluctuations While Living With MS

MS and Hot Flashes

Do You Ever Feel Your Body Is A Furnace And Wonder If It Is MS Related?

I was reading a Facebook posting the other day about a person who is commonly cold natured but is experiencing sensations at night that make her feel like her body’s on fire. This sensation causes her to sweat profusely at night interrupting her sleep. Truly, I was blown away because I could have written that post. She indicated that during the day she stays cold and keeps several layers of clothes on and usually is bundled up at night with several layers of blankets on top of her. This posting did not indicate where she lives but with it being winter time this could be almost anywhere, especially if you live in the Southern States. The last couple of weeks have delivered really cold temperatures all across the US so I suppose most of us have been doing the same thing.

Where this story gets really weird is at night when it is the coldest time of the day, instead of bundling up you find yourself stripping down to lightweight, single layer of clothing. Sometimes I find myself pulling even that off in the middle of the night when this sensation is at its worst. The only way to describe this unusual sensation is like your internal body temperature is stuck on high heat even though your temperature readings are normal. It isn’t uncommon to even wake up drenched in a full sweat with all your clothing and bedding to be completely wet. Now let me just reiterate that this doesn’t happen during daytime hours for me and from what I read this other person who posted her experience; only at night.

This started happening to me back in late May of 2014, not long after I was told that I was in my first exacerbation of the year following my last Lemtrada treatment. No, I don’t believe this treatment had anything to do with it, but this past year is probably the year in which the MS has been the most active in several years. At first I wondered if this could be hormone related only that it was only at night, no real hot flashes during the day. I spoke with my MS Specialist and Primary Care Physician about this problem only to receive different answers. My MS physician felt it could be related to the MS by my immune system being compromised. My PCP, felt it was hormone related. Being a nurse, I decided to talk to my son, Josh Robbins, who is HIV positive and is a blogger/activist for HIV called, and asked him if he ever experienced this condition? His reply was Yes, that it wasn’t a nightly thing but occurs when he isn’t feel as well as he usually does. This made sense to me because being HIV positive compromises his immune system as well. This past year I had 3 exacerbations, and never really got back to what I call a “Norm” for me, requiring  3 IV Solumderol treatments, then adding Aubagio to my treatment at the end of December.  I have been on this medication now nearly a full month, and can honestly say that I am slowly improving with the MS regaining strength, decreasing fatigue, etc., and this sensation is improving as well. I still get hot at night requiring me to remove clothing to sleep comfortably, but the sweating has subsided. That my friends is a good thing! If you have ever experienced this you know how uncomfortable it can be not to mention what sleep you actually do get being interrupted.

So, not being a physician or having any real proof to provide to you only my woman’s intuition, I honestly believe that this sensation is all about a compromised immune system. It only makes sense to me that if it were hormone related wouldn’t I experience this during the daytime hours as well? I would like to hear from you though if you too are experiencing this condition. Hopefully, if you are it will be a short interruption in your life.

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