Happy 2015!

MS in 2015

May The New Year Bring Good Health and Happiness  To My Fellow MSers

It is now the first day of the new year, and of course setting my goals for this year the first on my list is that I have a much better year, a healthier year from the previous year. 2014 was a year of 3 major exacerbations from Multiple Sclerosis even after my 5th dose of Lemtrada back in February. This is really a disappointment because I have had so much luck from previous doses of this now FDA approved medication. Even though I feel discouraged about myself, I still feel this is an amazing drug and offers amazing positive results for so many people. I can’t say I am totally surprised because my lab results, especially my White Blood Cell count really didn’t respond the way it was suppose to. My physician stated that new reports are coming in that people who have had several doses such as I are not responding as they have in previous infusions. Only thing I can say to this is I sure hope it is not the norm.

I started Aubagio, which is also made by the Genzyme Pharmaceutical company which also makes the Lemtrada. This is a pill taken daily which is used to treat mild to moderate forms of MS. My doctor and I are are hoping that it along with the Lemtrada infusions in combination will help keep my MS at bay. Fingers are crossed and today is day 5 of this dose. This exacerbation started the first week of November so needless to say that I struggled getting through each of the Holidays and still having difficulties even after completing IV Solumderol this past week. My next dose of Lemtrada is scheduled for late April so I will be gearing up for that soon.

Because of this exacerbation, I have had to suspend my daily exercise routine which is very disappointing because I have been diligent this year of walking each day or at least 6 out of 7 days on a treadmill. I feel that without having done this I probably would be needing a supportive device just for ambulation. There is no stressin just how much that eating healthy and having an exercise routine is in maintaining strong muscles to support you. In the past without these two things, I did end up in a wheelchair for two years, or at least needing a walker or cane for ambulation when I got this bad. At least this time around I am still walking on my own accord, which is amazing.

As I have stated in prior posts, the cold weather affects me as negatively as hot weather does for most of us. Of course we have had very little sunshine either, and have found that decreased sunshine alters how I feel but physically and emotionally. This brings reminding everyone the importance of taking vitamin D to supplement what your body doesn’t receive by the lack of sunshine. Being aware that seasonal depression affects many people at this time of year so if you begin experiencing increased pain, fatigue, or other symptoms for a prolong period of time it may not be the MS acting up. Be sure you keep your doctor informed if you think you might need intervention with this problem. There is no stigma attached to having depression and there are many medications to help you feel better and might even improve your sleep if taken at night.

My hope for this new year is that research will prevail to show the cause and prevention of Multiple Sclerosis and a cure be provided for each of us suffering from this debilitating disease. With all my research this past year, there have been so many publications that make me feel that scientist are on the brink of figuring all this out. My only advice is to keep the faith and the fight going and don’t give in to it. Do all you can by taking your medication properly and thinking outside the box of what you might be able to do to feel better. Happy New Year my dear friends and I want to say thank you for following me this past year.

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