Itching IS Driving My MS Crazy

Is It My Multiple Sclerosis?

I have been experiencing the craziest thing the last couple of months and was interested in how many other people who might be suffering from the same thing I am. Just out of the blue, I started having the most extreme itching sensations that involved my entire body.  There was no rash and no dry skin apparent so the first thing was thought that came to mind was maybe it was an allergic reaction to something ingested or to soaps or detergents that I use.  That really didn’t make a lot of sense though since there wasn’t any new foods or drinks introduced into my diet or hadn’t changed my body wash or clothing detergents, even no changes in medications. Again, no rash, redness, or swelling was present so I quickly decided it wasn’t allergy related.

My next thought was could it be cold weather? Even though dry skin wasn’t present, I lathered my body in lotion that was made for dry skin but it still didn’t correct the problem. Needless to say, I was really miserable and decided to try Benadryl creams and tablets but still no relief. The itching was so severe all over that all I could do was scratch leaving bruises behind in some areas. It was even waking me up in the middle of the night but it seemed the more I scratched the worse it got, it even burned like fire when touching my skin.

Finally, I broke down and talked with my primary care physician who wrote a script but didn’t know the reason why this was happening. Fortunately, I was scheduled to see my MS specialist and talked with him about it and he told me that it was related to my Multiple Sclerosis. This really surprised me because even though I had experience short term intervals of this before, it never had gotten this bad or lasted this long and to find out that after all these years it was associated with my MS.

The prescription Hydroxyzine really helps but when it wears off the itching is back. Hopefully this is subside soon and then just be yet another symptom I experience with a flare-up. I wanted to share this information with you so if you experience anything like this you will know that you will probably need a prescription medication to help sooth your body and that it is related to your MS.

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