A Symptom I Can’t Explain, Is It MS Related?

I have been experiencing for several months something that I found hard to explain, not read anything about, so just thought it must be insignificant. This was until last week when reading a post on FB about a person having the exact same thing going on. I hate saying this, but it made me feel better knowing that I am not the only one having this craziness going on. So I thought I would share this with others hoping it may also make you feel less alone.

This is an internal shakiness, almost like tremors going on like an earth quake is about to erupt. When trying to talk even my voice gets shaky. Most times, I don’t believe anyone can see this symptom but every now and again when it is really prevalent, someone will ask me if I am cold because of shaking. With my voice though, some of my family have mentioned that I must be tired because my voice is off. Both cases I am  neither cold or tired to cause this.

I have tried to reason everything in my head to maybe a nervousness that could be stressed induced except cannot figure out why when I am actually feeling calm. Could it be hormone related, side effect of one or more of my medications, or not sleeping very well? All these are possible, but could it be related to the Multiple Sclerosis? Since reading now that yet another person is having the same thing going on, seems like a conversation I need to be having with my physician.

It is weird that I preach to keep a journal of everything going on, and mostly I do; just never put this down on paper. I don’t really think about bringing it up with the one person who could actually answer my question. I know my voice has been affected long before the nervousness has been going on, and feel like this is now my norm although it doesn’t happen every day. On one of my visits, I was actually hoarse and my doctor noticed this and questioned me as to how long it was going on. After a few exchanges of information, he felt it important to check my thyroid, which too can provide the same shakiness symptoms but the lab result proved normal.

So no, I don’t have an answer for you as to why some of us are experiencing this, but do notice it subsides when I take a muscle relaxer. This is not an everyday occurrence but does happen often.  I truly don’t like taking medication so only use this drug only when extreme cases arise. In most cases, I am very laid back, usually pretty calm, and really don’t take in very much caffeine to prevent inducing any further problems. The answer could be pretty simple, and when I find out what it is and what causes this, will share this information with you. I suppose you can say there is comfort in numbers, and although I hope none of you are having this symptom, finding out why you are experiencing this could be helpful. Share all symptoms with your doctor and don’t suffer in silence. MS is bad enough to live without suffering with anything as crazy as this when help could be easily accessible.

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