Dr. George Jelinek

Dr. George Jelinek

For the past 17 years, Dr. George Jelinek has been committed to overcoming MS. Dr. Jelinek was diagnosed with MS in 1999, 18 years after his mother died of the disease. After the initial shock, he turned to what he knew best – research and science – and set out on a journey that today shapes the core of the nonprofit he founded, Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis.

Dr. Jelinek is Professor and Head of the Neuroepidemiology Unit (NEU) within the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health at The University of Melbourne in Australia. An award-winning physician and professor of medicine, he is also editor of an acclaimed medical journal and two-time finalist for Australian of the Year.

After his diagnosis, he combed the medical literature and past research from eminent scientists like Dr. Roy Swank, ultimately fusing it into the OMS Recovery Program, a diet- and lifestyle-based approach for people with MS to live better and healthier lives. The program centers on diet, exercise, stress management, Vitamin D and Omega 3 supplementation, and if needed, medication. Adhering to this strictly himself, Dr. Jelinek has remained relapse-free since his original diagnosis, as do many others who have embraced the OMS Recovery Program.

Dr. Jelinek continues to pursue his research, and has published dozens of research papers in international medical journals stemming from HOLISM, a five-year study encompassing 2,500 participants from 57 countries that looked at the benefits of adhering to the tenets of the OMS Recovery Program. The study concluded that overall, people who followed the approach saw an average 20% improvement in health outcomes.

This fall, Dr. Jelinek is making a special visit to the US, and offering a series of one-day workshops in Los Angeles, New York and Boston. He and his associate Dr. Craig Hassed will be discussing how their research translates into meaningful lifestyle-based changes people with MS can make to lead healthier lives, and offers much greater understanding into how lifestyle factors can prevent MS progression.

These events offer a rare, hands-on opportunity to engage directly with the OMS Recovery Program, integrate it into your life and potentially improve your health. The events will be beneficial to everyone diagnosed with MS including their partners, family and other supporters. This is an opportunity not to be missed: only three such events are happening in the USA in 2016!

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