Water Therapy Responsible For Improving MS Symptoms

Water Exercise and MS

Water Therapy and Exercise Recommended for MS

I sure hope everyone is making it through this summer’s heat; it sure has been a hot July here in Tennessee. We have been dealing with several weeks of heat indexes running between 100 up to 110. Usually during the summer months I suffer from relapse with Multiple Sclerosis but not this year thank heavens.

(This article is republished from last year.)

I want to give credit for this to a few things that have changed in my life since the beginning of the year. The first is a change in medication, which I now take Aubagio. I have been pleasantly surprised first at how easy it is to take a pill and the lack of any side effects from it. The second is the Water Aerobics that I also initially started twice a week at the beginning, but now have bumped it up to 5 days. Exercise, mainly walking on a treadmill, had been my only source of cardio over the past year; and it helped me a great deal building up strength in the legs. Also, changing my diet to eating healthy fresh foods in place of processed and fast foods, replacing sodas and sugary drinks with water have also played a big role in my improving health. The big difference though I feel has been the water aerobics.

Water Therapy for me has provided the cardio, strengthening, and improved balance without the fear of falling or injury. Since starting this routine, my pain level has decreased immensely, eliminated muscle spasms, decreased fatigue, improved sleep, improved my overall mood, and have been very impressed with my overall balance. The water therapy is done in a warm water pool which I really enjoy since I have intolerance to the cold. The social aspect of being in a class with others doing the same thing has been a large benefit since we tend to isolate ourselves so frequently.

There have been many publications on the positives of water type exercises whether it is something as simple as a Gentle Joints class up to Water Dance or Fat Burners Water Aerobics. I understood it would be good for me but just felt like it was such a hassle to get up and out of the house to do this. Once I got started and reaping the benefits, the excuses I used seem so crazy now. In fact, I feel so great after completing each class that I have extra energy to do complete my chores at home; and as I said, found that my sleep at night has greatly improved. The best thing about this is ANYONE can do this! Whether you have difficulty walking or even if you are in a wheelchair, most places provide equipment that will help get you in and out of the pool. It has been proven that activity of any type that keeps you moving will help improve your condition while living with MS. If you haven’t tried water exercise or therapy I urge you to give it a try and make it a part of your routine. With all of the different MS Challenges out there that are encouraging us to increase some form of exercise, why not take advantage of the water to meet these challenges. The results may really pleasantly surprise you as well.

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  • Great post! I have MS, and I’ve been going to an aquatics class for people with MS for the past 10 years. My doctor credits this exercise class with keeping me out of a wheelchair. I’m happy that you are setting results from this exercise! (I blog at janenhenry.wordpress.com)

  • Laura Kolaczkowski

    I’ve coordinated an MS Aquatics program for five years, and even my husband who goes with me sees the benefits. Just a note – about two years ago every public pool, even those in hotels, were required by the ADA to put in lifts to help people access pools. You still might need someone in the water with you but everyone can ‘get in the swim’ of exercise this way. I’m so glad to read you have found great benefits.