Angels Among Us

Seeking Angels

MS Caregiver’s View On Staying Positive

As we start the new year, it can be a time of hope or dread.  The hope is for a new start, the end of something bad, or continuation of something good.  Is it the dread of the unknown, the outlook for a grim tomorrow, or the progression of something bad?  Your attitude will depend on you.  Are you a “glass half empty” person or a “glass half full” person?

If you are the “glass half empty” person, you are so focused on the negative things happening in your life, that you miss most of the good things.  You “half empties” remind me of Shleprock from the “Flintstones”.  Woe is me.  Nothing ever goes right.  I have too many problems.  I can’t handle all the bad things in my life.  You walk around with a scowl on your face and do not interact with others.  This attitude is like a dog chasing its tail.  You get nowhere.  Once you start that downward spiral, it is very difficult to stop it and reverse it.

If you are the “glass half full” person, you look for the silver lining in every situation.  You realize things could be worse.  There are others out there that are a lot worse off than you.  Every day you wake up breathing, it is a good day.  You are generally a happy person with a smile on your face.  You will engage with others.

By now, many of you are saying “I know all this.  Where is this crazy fool going with this rant?”  That is a real good question because I am not 100% sure just yet. So, please bear with me.

If you are caring for a loved one, it is very easy to be a “half empty”.  You spend a bunch of time in a doctor’s office only to receive more bad news.  Plans are canceled because your loved one does not feel well enough to follow thru with the plans.  “Friends” stop coming around because they don’t want to hear more bad news.  The outlook is not favorable for your loved one, and you start to lose hope.  Been there done that myself.  You start saying “Why me?”, “I can’t handle this.”, and “I need to get out of this.”  All very valid thoughts, but WRONG.

My Christian faith says that all believers are saints.  I have written many times that you are not alone.  HE will not ask more of you than you are capable.  Look at the “Footprints” poem.  The signs are all around you.  If you are a “half empty”, you are not looking for the signs.  The “friends” that are no longer around since the diagnosis, were never real friends.  Your true friends may be people you have not met yet.

For you “half fulls”, you get it.  Amongst the saints, there are Angels among us.  The Alabama song by that title is worth a listen every now and then.  Will Michael or Gabriel come to you? Probably not.  However, if you are looking, you will see the lesser known angels in your midst.  Will this angel be wearing a white robe and have wings? Probably not unless it is Halloween.  The question now is, “Where is my angel?”  The easy answer is everywhere and anywhere.  You just have to keep your eyes and mind open.  They will appear when you least expect and most need them the most.

How will I know when I have seen my angel?  You may not realize HIS PRESENCE until after the fact.  What will my angel look like?  The answer will be different for each of us.  Your angel will probably be in a different form every time they come to you.

The gifts angels bring are as different as each of our needs.  HE knows what we need.  If we look, we can find the gift.  It may be something as small as a smile from a stranger, a person allowing you to “break” line at the store because you only have a couple of items, a call/text from a friend just to say “Hi”, or a meal brought to you.  None of these things seem angelic, but they are.

Don’t you feel better when someone smiles and tells you to have a great day?  “Half fulls” do.  “Half empties” probably don’t even see or hear this.  Here are some other things that will brighten your day:

  • A phone call/text from a friend saying they were thinking of you.
  • An unexpected visit to the house to check on you.
  • An invite for a cup of coffee/tea with a love one/friend.
  • A hug.
  • A hug from a child.
  • Seeing a person in a worse state than you that is smiling and very positive.
  • Knowing others are praying for you and your loved one.
  • Being told that YOU ARE LOVED.

Are any of these things miraculous?  Not at face value, but they can be the difference between being a “half full” and a “half empty”.  As you can see, the angels are out there.  You just have to be looking.

Who are the angels?  We all have the potential to be an angel.  Smile at strangers, it might make there day.  Call/text a loved one/friend you have not spoken to in a while.  Something good will come of it.  Pray for others.  Get involved in something you are passionate about.  Don’t be afraid to say “I love you” and mean it.  These can be the three most powerful words you ever speak.

We must remember that it is HIS plan, not ours.  We must listen to HIM and do HIS will on HIS schedule.  If we all do this, every one of us can be somebody’s angel.  When you feel down and out, be a “half full” because HE is with you.  Ask for the help, and an angel will be there.  Remember, you never know what the angel will look like.

I guess I have rambled long enough.  Not sure I got anywhere in particular, but maybe I gave you something to think about.  If I got only one “half empty” to become a “half full”, I feel it was worth the rant.

I pray we can all be “half fulls”, better health for all, and good things for each of you who have read this.  Thank you for giving me a few of your precious minutes.  May you get to know HIM better this year.   HE is with you and will never ask more of you than you are capable of handling.  HIS angels are with us.  May HIS peace be always with you.


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