Holidays Revisited for MS Caregivers

MS Caregiver Suggestions for Holidays

Steve’s Advice for the Holidays

It’s me again.  Been really busy this past year and have not had much to add to what I have already said.    However, with the holidays just around the corner, I felt it time to dust off the keyboard and rant.

The holidays bring so many things, some good—food, some not so good—relatives who won’t leave.  Stress is a big factor in either case.  Changing weather is also a factor.  I live in West Tennessee.  If you don’t like the weather, wait till tomorrow.  I was able to sit in my Speedo in the driveway (not really on the Speedo, would scare neighborhood kids) one day and need a parka the next.  These temperature swings aggravate my sinuses.  You can’t imagine what it does to Lisa.  She can go from feeling great to not able to get off the couch the next.  How this can throw a wrench in plans.  Which leads to stress, which leads to feeling worse.

What can you do about this?  Pray for 70 degree days and no cold fronts moving through during the holiday season.  I believe your prayers are answered, but don’t believe this one will be.  Unless you believe Al Gore is right, then this may become a reality until it gets so hot that we all spontaneously combust and don’t have to worry about it anymore.  Now that we have established that the weather is going to do what it is going to do, let’s get real.

If you are planning a get together at your house, ask friends and family to help get ready.  Anything from cleaning to food prep is fair game.  DO NOT put the burden for the function totally on your loved one.  Try to get as much of the food prep done ahead of time.  Get someone else to prepare the food for you.  I realize this may cost more money, but this can be the difference between your loved one being able to enjoy the event and being in bed during the event.  You can also plan the event earlier in the day.  With Lisa, as the sun goes down, so does her energy level.

As for Christmas gifts, start early, shop online, or give gift cards/cash.  If you have to get out and buy gifts, plan to get out when the crowd is thin.

Do whatever you can to remove the stress so that your loved one and you can enjoy the holidays.

As for prayers being answered, Lemtrada is now FDA approved.  In my opinion, which does not count for much since I am not a medical professional (the disclaimer is for all the lawyers out there), this is a miracle drug.  Talk to your doctor about if it may help you and your situation.

I pray you have a wonderful holiday season (not being PC).  Don’t eat too much at Thanksgiving.  I pray Santa brings you everything you ask for on Christmas morning.  I pray the new year brings you many more good things than bad.  I hope all your relatives have left too.

Just remember HE will never ask more of you than you are able to handle. If you only see one set of footprints, they are not yours.  HE is with you.  GOD BLESS.