Living with MS Disappointments

When Scheduled Plans Go South

Just when you think you have everything all figured out, look out, CURVEBALL!  You have learned to deal with all the maladies of your loved ones condition, until you get the CURVEBALL!

What do I do now?

“Run Forrest, run”.  There are many that will.  They feel they have reached the end of the rope and can’t take any more.  I am not here to judge.  That is way above my pay grade.  We each have choices, and we must do what we feel is right for us and live with the consequences.

You can stay and be miserable.  This is not good for any of the parties involved.  It will lead to resentment and hatred.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, get some help.  Help may mean a “sitter”, a friend to talk to when things are bad, someone to help with chores around the house, or ask HIM for help.

Recently, Lisa and I went on a dream vacation to Hawaii.  We had planned the trip for almost a year.  Everything went exactly as planned, just as everything else in life does.  If you believe this, I have some beautiful ocean front property in Iowa I will sell real cheap and some scrap metal in San Francisco Bay you can have, you just have to go get it.  CURVEBALL!  About a month before departure, Lisa started experiencing pain in the lower back.  After an MRI, her MS doctor ordered for unrelated reasons, she found the source of the pain to be a herniated disc.  As the departure date neared, the pain increased.  We tried getting in to see a doctor for a block so she could make the trip.  All the doctors were on “Spring Break” the week she needed to get in so she could get the block the next week.  The Sunday before we were supposed to leave, we were talking to a few doctor friends at church about the problem.  All three volunteered to do what they could to make sure Lisa had the block so that she could enjoy the trip.  Through HIS Grace, a doctor was found and he agreed to do the procedure without the “normal” protocol.  Lisa got the block, and we had a wonderful trip.  THERE ARE ANGELS AMONG US!

This is an example of dealing with what is thrown at you.  We could have accepted the fact that doctors want you to come for an office visit a week before they will give you a block.  Without the block, Lisa would have been absolutely miserable on vacation, or we would not have gone at all.

Just giving up and not trying is like standing at the plate with the bat on your shoulder.  Swing that bat.  Who knows, you might get lucky and hit the ball out of the park.  If you strike out or get hit by the ball, step back take a deep breath and try again and again.  Don’t give up.  Don’t let every setback be striking out in the bottom of the ninth of game 7 of the World Series with the bases loaded, two outs, and down by one.

As we play this game called “Life”, choose the “players” for your “team” carefully.  Figure out what your “needs” are and choose accordingly.  The great thing about your team is there are no defined “positions” nor is there a limit on the number of “players” on your team.  If you choose wisely, each “player” will fill multiple roles. My first draft choice is Jesus.  If you let HIM play on your team, you will never loose.  He will bring the right player in at the right time.  When you strike out or get knocked down, HE will always be there with you to help you through.

So, next time you see the dreaded CURVEBALL!, swing for the fences.  If you strike out, make the most of it.  Look for joy in everything you do.  When you least expect it, an angel will come to you in your time of need.  The greatest thing about angels is you never know what shape or form they will appear.  If you expect great things to happen to you, they will.  However, the converse is true too.  If things seem really dark, turn on a light.  Better yet, be a ray of hope to somebody else.  This will make you feel better.

Once again, I thank you for taking a few minutes out of your busy day to read the ramblings of a crazy man.  For the record, I was crazy long before I met Lisa.

I pray your blessings are many; your sorrows few; and you are able to find joy in all you do.  HE is with you.  GOD BLESS.