Patience After Treatment (Steve’s Corner)

Hey!  It’s me again, just trying to recoup from a week in the doctor’s office. About six hours in those so very comfortable waiting room chairs and nights in the comfortable hotel bed.  The highlight of the day had to be the “free” breakfast of powdered eggs and stale Danish.  I guess it could be worse; I could be the one in the back room getting the infusion.  Things are not always as bad as they seem.

Lisa just went through her fifth round of Campath/Lemtrada.  Good news, she is feeling really crappy.  This means the medicine is doing something.  She wakes up feeling as if she will puke if she moves. She makes herself walk on the treadmill for an hour.  Says it makes her feel better.  She then spends most of the rest of the day resting.

I wish there was something I could do, but this is one of those things I cannot fix.  I have to be supportive of what she needs.  I need to do as much around the house as I can so she does not have to feel like she has to keep everything clean.  I cooked enough food for a few days of lunch at work so she is not worried that I am not eating properly.  I have also had some time for me.  I sat out the other day, built a fire in the fire pit, and drank a few beers.  This helped me unwind and get my mind right to start work and take care of her.

Be patient.  The walls will begin to close in and when Lisa felt well, she went to lunch with a girlfriend.  She was feeling better and thought it would be a good idea to go to church on Sunday.  I talked her out of it until we see her white count is back to normal.

We have been blessed with lots of prayers and support.  I am just taking things one day at a time.  I ask Him for the strength to deal with whatever I will face.  He will not fail me.  The answer just might not be what I was looking for, but hopefully He will give me the wisdom to see what He wants.

Good Luck and God Bless.