Steve’s Corner: What To Do Now?

Sad Treatment Options

What do you do now that you have found out that the treatment your loved one has received did not work?  You can get mad; but at whom?  You can yell and scream; but at whom?  You can get depressed; but what good will that do?

Sad Treatment Options

I guess one door has closed on Lisa’s treatment.  So what do I do now?  If I get mad, do I yell at the doctor? NO!  He has been extremely honest with his prognosis from the start.  The Lemtroda has helped in the past, but appears not to be helping now.  This is not the doctor’s fault.  It is not your loved ones fault either.  Being mad at them, that will surely solve all your problems.  The same thing can be said about yelling and screaming.  The ineffectiveness of the drug is not the fault of anybody.  Don’t yell and scream at anybody, it will accomplish nothing except making you look foolish, probably make the doctor mad, and increase stress levels all around.  Getting depressed, that will sure help your loved one who is already feeling bad enough.

Is it o.k. to be disappointed?  YES!  Guys, this is for you.  You can’t fix it.  This was the hardest thing for me to come to grips with.  I am a Mr. Fix It, Jack of All Trades, Master of None.  There are very few things I would not try to work on.  As I have gotten older, I have learned my limits. This took a lot of time and many major screw ups that cost a lot more for a professional to fix after I tried.  Age is a wonderful teacher.  I have learned where and when to battle it out with a job and when to pay somebody else to do it for me.  I have no medical training, not unless you count my CPR certification.  I have to trust the doctor.  If you can’t trust the doctor, find one you can.  In trusting in the doctor, I believe the Good Lord brought us to him and He is working thru the doctor.

I have made mention of my Faith on several occasions.  I have not mentioned religion.  Religion has nothing to do with it.  Religion, in my opinion, is man-made.  If you strip away the “ceremony” of the different religions, you have a belief in a Higher Power.  Each religion may have a different name for Him, but most believe the Father sent his Son to die for our sins and He rose from the dead to defeat death, and the Holy Spirit lives within each of us to help guide us.  If you are not a person of Faith for whatever the reason, give it a try, you will be surprised by the results.

He is the “professional” I call on now.  If He chooses not to let the medicine work, He has other plans for us.  Have Faith.  Pray.  Just because you do not get the answer you are looking for, it does not mean He is not answering.  Talk to others.  Write a blog, if I can do it, anybody can, the key is to be positive.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Be grateful for the blessing you have. Don’t take anger or frustration out on your loved one, it is not their fault.  Be strong, you are a lot stronger than you know.  If you doubt it, pray for strength.  He will not give you any more than you can handle.  This, however, does not mean you have to do it yourself.  Find a support group. Be it family, friends, or a church.  When you see the footprints in the sand, there may only be one set, but they do not belong to you.  He is with you and he will be there for you.

I pray the ramblings of a crazy man bring a smile to your face.

I pray these ramblings offer some insight.

I pray these ramblings help you realize you are not alone.

I pray these ramblings inspire you to seek help when you feel you are at the end of your rope.

I pray you will see all the blessings he has bestowed upon you.  You may not see them until you look in the most obscure places, but they are there.

I pray for all of you in the same boat as me.  You would be amazed the number of people praying for you.  If we all pray for each other, prayers will be multiplied and amazing things will happen.  KEEP THE FAITH.  Until next time.  GOD BLESS.