E-Book Review – “Dreams” by Kristie Kent

A Multiple Sclerosis Journey Story — eBook Review by Lisa Dasis, founder of MSlisaSAYS.

 Dreams The EBook

DREAMS, My Journey Living with Multiple Sclerosis 


One of the blessings that I receive from writing a blog is being asked to read a story that a person has written about their life with MS. It is such a pleasure to share Kristie’s story with you on so many levels.

Her struggles with living with Multiple Sclerosis sounds all too familiar, but what makes her story stand out for me is because with all of symptoms causing the havoc in her life, she managed to overcome her fears living with MS to finding that her dreams could come true.

Take Aways

All of us do focus on what we have lost because of this disease which can be numerous; it simply can’t be helped. We look at others wishing we could keep up with them, walk like them, continue to work in a job that we truly loved. It really is only human to do this, but Kristie takes it to a level of understanding for many people. Her courage to reach out from her experiences and take her training as a professional artist in acting and singing and has come up with many unique ways to teach others not suffering with MS to understand that even some of the most simple tasks have become a huge chore for those of us who do.  (Things like walking in crowded areas, to fastening our buttons, or even tying our shoes.) Her diligent work has captured many audiences across the country with public speaking and singing about MS on many venues. She has produced of a video of showing healthy individuals trying to accomplish simple tasks using handicap techniques, which is brilliant and a true eye opener. Her work has even shed light on children who have MS and their struggles and acceptance by their peers to an understandable level. Kristie has written, recorded, and performed music to help touch the lives of so many people.

Dreams Change

Her childhood dream of being a performer on stage may not have turned out the way she planned, but her dream did survive MS and is helping thousands of people every day. She is a wife, mother of two children, and a MS advocate.

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I am so very proud to recommend her book to you, “DREAMS”, by Kristie Salerno Kent. You can download a free copy of this book by going to: www.dreamstheebook.com and MSlisaSAYS “to take the time to read her story.” [ Be sure to tell her that MSlisaSAYS told you to stop by! ]




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