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Having a flare-up is difficult for not only you but also for your family, and friends.  It is so easy to think, I’m the one who is experiencing all the problems associated with MS, but when you aren’t able to perform your daily tasks, it also affects those who are closest to you. Believe me when I say that it is so easy to get wrapped up in how bad you are feeling that it is so hard to think about what others may be going through. Good communication is very important to remember both in and out of exacerbations.

When you are first diagnosed with MS, it is overwhelming, so much of what you have gone through finally has a name, yet there is still the process of learning about it and its treatments and accepting it. You are being given a name to what you have been experiencing yet so much still remains a mystery. You probably have been given pamphlets about what it is and how it affects your body along with information about what forms of treatments are out there to treat it. You want to research it yes, but also you need to share all this information with all those you love and are concerned about.  They have witnessed your decreased ability to function the way you have in the past and also they are trying to accept and cope with your disease process.

 There are books out there and websites that can help you with this process. Also there are support groups out there that they can also attend. One thing that I didn’t realize that was important was letting your family attend your doctor appointments with you. Give them a chance to ask your physician questions. My husband has told me that I can confuse him with details that my doctor was otherwise able to explain a lot better than me. It has given him a chance to learn and do his own research while trying to accept what is happening right before his eyes.

caregiver Steve's perspective on his wife living with MS

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Click here to read this POST  from my husband, Steve, whom I asked to give a caregiver’s point of view about living with someone with MS. I thought I was communicating with him effectively and probably I am, but it was still interesting reading about living with MS from his point of view. I suggest having your family and friends write something about it to give to you to read. It might help you see things in a different light than what you have seen things before. I want to say thank you to my husband for all his support, and his love during this process. I’m also thankful to my family and friends who have been there for me every step of the way. Their patience and love is without a doubt the most comforting of all.

MS Blogger and Multiple Sclerosis Activist shares her journey living with MS, tips for others living MS and her husband, Steve, offers his insight as a caregiver for MS.