Looking Forward To The Future With MS

Update On My Treatment For Multiple Sclerosis, Lemtrada

I am now three weeks away from starting my fifth dose of Lemtrada, February 11-13th. Someone asked me if I was dreading it and my reply is NO because I am looking forward to feeling good again. My last dose, this past March, was the first dose I had received in four years and I have to say that I could of used a dose of Lemtrada after the third year of having taking it but it wasn’t available for purchase or through a study for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. As I have said in previous posts, this medication has truly been my miracle drug, and only having to take it once a year has been a plus not to mention that several people after taking a couple of dose have been able to go a couple of years without having to take another treatment.

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It didn’t work as well for me last year because I think I had gone so long without taking it that my body didn’t respond as well as it probably would have if it could of by taking it earlier. However, this next dose should work giving me great hope that this will be a much better year for me. If this is true, there are so many things I am already putting on my bucket list to accomplish this year. Spending quality time with my family, most of all my grandchildren are first on the list. They are growing up so fast and it important that the time I have with them are memory making events. In the back of my mind I had always had the dream of returning back to work, but after doing everything humanly possible to accomplish this has failed, a full time job has now been taken off the wish list. Now my thought process is a part time job, one that will allow me to work from home providing me with the ability to have the rest periods I need to continue to feel good. Reflecting on what has helped me the most are having structure and  keeping on a schedule with routines are on the top of the list.  Eating healthy, maintaining some form of exercise, and taking needed rest periods have played a large roll with helping my immune system.

The thing I can’t control is the weather; heat and the cold affect me negatively as do storm fronts moving in. Good ole Tennessee weather provides the extreme in all of these. I have always told people if you don’t like the weather here just wait 15 minutes and it will change again. If I could choose a climate where I excel it would probably be temps that range from 55-75 degrees with sunshine.  Stress is something else that we all experience but learning to control how you handle it takes practice. Finding techniques to help reduce the amount of stress you have is important and I urge you to find a way to help yourself with that. Talking with family or friends, writing in my journal, exercise, and prayer are some of mine and work really well. Listening to my body is a priority with improving my quality of life and encourage everyone to do the same. Medications can only do so much, but combining those with all the other things I have just mentioned have helped me. It is important to continue to read, research, and to try new things, with my doctor’s approval, so that the quality of my life is the best it can be.

I received an email this morning by Lara Marks on how Lemtrada, aka, Alemtuzumab, or Campath was introduced and it is very interesting. I urge you to take the time to read it.  Go to: http://www.whatisbiotechnology.org/exhibitions/campath

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