Shadow Summit by Chandonnet (Book Review by MSlisaSAYS)

Shadow Summit Review

Multiple Sclerosis book review – by Lisa Dasis

I was given an advanced copy of a book by Jon Chandonnet called the  SHADOW SUMMIT  and upon completing it; I feel the need to share how good this book by Chandonnet and how highly I recommend it for others living with Multiple Sclerosis.

In a Nut-Shell Description

This TRUE STORY is about a man who always strived for perfection in everything he set out to do, and accomplished his goals most of his life.


Jon Chandonnet's Shadow Summit

Jon Chandonnet’s “Shadow Summit” Book


More About the Book

In 1997, at the age of 27 and one month away from graduating with his Master’s Degree from MIT, was diagnosed with MS. He had applied and was hired to work at promising career with a growing company called Sapient. His dilemma was whether to be up front with his new employer about his new diagnosis or keep it silent. He also had choices to make concerning MS such as take one of the few drugs that were available at that time or wait to see what would happen without any treatment at all.

He has written about all the highs and lows that go along with this debilitating disease including all the different types of alternative treatments that he has tried to improve his condition when the medication seemed to be failing him.  His journey is courageous along with his fight to heal himself, to find love and acceptance with his new wife, and make a career choice that would help him not only live with MS but also provide for his new family.

 MSlisaSAYS’ Thoughts

I can honestly say that I could feel Jon’s emotional highs and lows during each of his trials and tribulations, finding myself routing for him and also shedding some tears at different levels of his journey. He completely demonstrates how it is not “US – vs- MS”, but how acceptance of our disease and learning to listen to our body will help improve our outcome. His experiences with alternative treatments also help raise the question for me, am I really doing all I can to improve my condition, or is their more research that is needed on my end?  My conclusion is never be afraid to try something different; we may never know what might be the answer to improving our symptoms.

Recommended for those interested in alternative treatments; as well as men.

 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

The SHADOW SUMMIT by Jon Chandonnet is truly a great read and very worthy of your time and investment.

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