Vacation Spot That Will Keep MS Symptoms at Bay


Hawaii provides positive effects for MS symptoms

Have you ever been somewhere on vacation and thought to yourself, this is where I am supposed to live? For the first time in my life this has happened to me. My sister and her family along with my husband and me just recently went to the Big Island of Hawaii and stayed on the Kona side for 7 fantastic days.

This has always been my lifelong dream that finally came to a reality. Now, let me just say over the past 18 years, I’ve only been on a total of 3 vacations. I have traveled most of my life with my father being in the Air Force and continued to do so when my two children were growing up. Since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis though, this is my second vacation. The first was a cruise that supposed to go to Mexico unfortunately a hurricane hit the location where we were going. For 5 days we just circled around in the Gulf of Mexico before coming back to where we started; that was a disappointing. What I remember from that trip was being so fatigued while on the trip then getting sick immediately after we got home.

This trip though to Hawaii was incredible. From the time was landed until the flew away, I honestly wouldn’t have known that I had MS. The stable temperatures consistent temperatures made all the difference in the world. There was no fatigue, muscle spasms, pain, or even allergies that I had to contend with. Now let me just say that going with a herniated L5-S1 disc wasn’t the best of circumstances and prevented me from doing some of the things I wanted to do and made the long plane ride uncomfortable, but over all felt great for the first time in a very long time.

The Big Island is not commercialized so there was a lot of beautiful open land, lots of lava rocks, and roads that would carry you all round the island. Where we stayed you could see the ocean on one side with beautiful mountains on the other side. One day we decided to venture out from where we were staying to see more of what was offered and it was 82 degrees on the beach. Within 15 minutes of going up into the mountains the temp had dropped to 64 degrees, and we didn’t even get to the top. You could see snow covering the tops of the mountains. When we got to the volcano, the temperature had dropped to 53 degrees and was raining. Even with this one day fluctuation with the temps, it never even affected me.

You smell flowers from the time you get off the plane and everyone moves at a slow pace which I really enjoyed. The people there were incredibly friendly was well. I asked someone who lived there where they went on vacation and their reply was Alaska. I found that almost funny. When you live in paradise why would you ever want to leave? Since being home unfortunately, several symptoms have returned. It makes my longing to return even stronger. In fact, I have looked at price of reality, prices for flights to return, priced different resorts, even tried to figure out how my husband and I could actually move there. I suppose that is a dream that will never happen but I will be going back again.

I say all this to those of you who are searching for a vacation spot where your Multiple Sclerosis symptoms will be held at bay. Search no more my friends, because you couldn’t ask for a more perfect play to go. Who knows, maybe you will be dreaming about the same things I am now after your return. From me to you, Aloha!

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