5 Tips for Nausea

MSlisaSAYS shares her 5 Tips on dealing with Nausea related to MS.

NauseaI experience the usual weakness, numbness, tingling, fatigue, muscle spasms, loss of balance with falling episodes as most people do especially during the flare-up times. But what I also experience almost on a daily basis is nausea, pain, and constipation. The nausea is usually medication related, a side affect, which is almost always associated with taking it. What you can’t do is stop taking the medication. It is hard to feel good even without a flare-up when you think you are always going to “Toss your Cookies”.  Over the years I have found a few things to assist with decreasing the nausea symptoms. I hope that these suggestions may help you with this problem as well.

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5 TIPS for dealing with NASEAU || Treatments

  • Never take your medication on an empty stomach. Eat something, even if it is nothing more than a piece of toast and a cup of coffee before taking your medication. If your medication allows you to drink milk, the fat content in it helps to coat your stomach decreasing the irritation. Be sure to check your medicine label to make sure you can do this.
  • Take your medication at the same time every day. This is important! First, it allows the medication to be absorbed during the correct time frame, plus it sets a pattern so it becomes a habit you don’t need reminded of.
  • I have found that ginger-ale helps quite a bit with nausea
  • Saltine crackers is another food that helps with decreasing with upset stomach
  • There are all kinds of medications out there that assist with severe nausea. Most of the effective ones are prescription, and you should be able to get your physician to prescribe you this
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