6 MSlisaSays Tips to Reduce Stress for those living with MS

6 Tips for those Living with MS to Reduce Stress

Lisa Dasis, blogger, offers her tips on how she reduces stress.


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  1. Keep a list of things you need, groceries, personal items, etc. This will help cut out forgetting what you need and reduce trips out to purchase these items
  2. Do as much personal shopping on-line as oppose to in person. This will provide you with resting while shopping, also managing fatigue that comes along with too much activity, provides you with cost saving measures to shop with coupons, free shipping, and comparing costs for the same item on other websites.
  3. Take time for yourself. If it isn’t more than 15 minutes a day. Do something you really enjoy doing such as reading, light exercise, listening to your favorite music, just shutting your eyes and relaxing your brain, a nap, whatever you enjoy. No thinking about what hasn’t been done, or what is coming up for you to do.
  4. Keep a calendar for you and the family to have access to. This will provide space to keep events and their times listed to avoid conflicting or over booking events in limited amount of time. Be sure to ask your spouse/partner to assist you with heavier event days.
  5. Drink green tea, or an herbal tea to help relax you
  6. Get plenty of good sleep at least 7 hours to help start your day off feeling


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MS Blogger and Multiple Sclerosis Activist shares her journey living with MS, tips for others living MS and her husband, Steve, offers his insight as a caregiver for MS.