8 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

TIPS || A Better Night Sleep

from MSlisaSays for those living with MS

  • Make sure you keep a regular time schedule for getting up in the morning and going to     bed at night.
  • Don’t eat foods with high sugar count, chocolate, rich in spices, or drink caffeine 2-3 hours before your scheduled bed time.
  • Before going to bed, take a luke-warm shower, and then apply soothing lotions and powders over your body.
  • Lower the lighting in your room, and read a book or magazine before sleeping.
  • Wear your favorite comfort clothes for sleeping.
  • Sometimes clean sheets on the bed aids me with sleeping
  • People have recommended warm milk before bed, I like herbal tea
  • Remember to schedule your activities during your exacerbations to be as light as possible.
MS Blogger and Multiple Sclerosis Activist shares her journey living with MS, tips for others living MS and her husband, Steve, offers his insight as a caregiver for MS.