8 Suggestions that MSlisaSAYS

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Here are 8 Suggestions


for those living with MS

MSlisaSAYS gives advice… and you better take it!

  • Listening to your body is so important. Plan your day and activity around how you are feeling.
  • Keep your body core cool especially in the summer months. Keep hydrated with cool, non-caffeine drinks, and take cool showers. If outside dress in comfortable light color clothing
  • Take your Vitamin D, recommended 50,000 u a month, average 5,000 u a day. I have found that Sam’s club offers a great deal on this vitamin, wonderful cost savings.
  • Please accept help from friends and family. DO NOT LET YOUR PRIDE GET IN THE WAY. This was and still is hard for me to do. It will lighten your load and hopefully provide yourself with extra rest time.
  • Don’t think your house, your family, your job has to be perfect. It is ok for things to get a little messy…perfection causes stress which worsens symptoms.
  • Learn to say “NO”! People won’t hate you.
  • Please take responsibility for your disease, learn all you can about it, ask questions, do your research. You will be amazed at how much you will learn and aid your physician with your knowledge.
  • Keep a daily log of how you are doing and your symptoms. With memory loss, and confusion part of the symptoms, it is an easy way to talk with your physician and accurate knowledge about what is going on with you.
MS Blogger and Multiple Sclerosis Activist shares her journey living with MS, tips for others living MS and her husband, Steve, offers his insight as a caregiver for MS.