Affordable Care Act, What it means for MS patients

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Obama Care Affects MS Patients

I was in my MS specialist’s office last week for my scheduled appointment and was discussing several different things with my physician. It was a mid-morning appointment when half way through my stomach started growling and it hit me that I did not eat breakfast before my visit. It surprised me how hungry I was because usually I don’t eat lunch until early afternoon. I looked at my watch and realized that I had been back in the room for a couple of hours with a one on one with my doctor for approximately an hour. That did not surprise me because he always spends a lot of time with each of his patients, and I thought to myself how very fortunate we are to have such a caring, thorough doctor. He makes sure all my questions are answered at every appointment, and I leave secure with the knowledge that all is being done to help improve the quality of my life. That is a very satisfying feeling!

On this particular visit though I questioned him about how the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, aka OBAMA CARE would effect our visits. His reply: “in a major way”.  He went on to say that he had spoken with some physicians in Canada about how they work in a socialized medicine environment. He was told that with seeing new patients that they were given an hour visit time, but that returning patients only were allowed 5 minutes, sometimes 10 in extreme cases. That got me to thinking, being accustomed to 2.5-3 hours visits with my doctor how in the world can he manage my chronic disease in just 5 minutes? So I asked, “how can you possibly do a complete exam in that length of time”?  His response was that it cannot be done.  Think about what all is done at your visits, a 5 minute visit doesn’t even allow you time to sit down, so forget about a exam with question and answer time.

This is not just going to effect those of us with MS but everyone! Many physicians are leaving their practice and going into different areas such as research to stay out of patient care. There are hospitals that are either not included in the plan or are opting out, some of which are fantastic hospitals that specialize in cancer and heart disease. Seriously, we haven’t even began to see the negative impact this is going to have on all of us. Many individuals have lost their insurance policies because it didn’t meet the criteria set up by this administration. Others can’t afford the policies that the government tells them they must have, so they are paying a penalty fee which will increase each year that they are not in compliance. The problems that have already come out are just the tip of the iceberg, and I feel that not only the quality of healthcare will diminish but the length of wait time to get in to see any doctor not to mention “specialists” will be exceptionally long.

Insurance companies should be mandated to provide affordable coverage for pre-existing conditions; I have been behind that thought from the very start, but honestly has never heard anything positive that has come from socialized medicine.  It really scares me how bad this is going to effect us all. My hope is before a lot of misdiagnoses and deaths occur that somehow someone will come along and put a stop to this craziness. It is my opinion that everyone who serves in our government should be made to live with the same type of insurance coverage and treated by physicians exactly how they expect us to be. Bets are being made if this happens, changes for the good won’t be far behind.

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