Medical Alert System Should Be Considered With MS

Early Warning System for MS

Safety Should Take Priority With Multiple Sclerosis

I suppose we have all seen the commercials on television where they say, “Help Me, I Have Fallen And I Can’t Get Up”.  Mostly the advertisement shows elderly people in it showing that they can live alone without the fear of falling and nobody shows up to find them. I must admit that until recently I haven’t really given much thought about this system for anyone else but the elderly.

Having a disability such as Multiple Sclerosis though is another good reason to give this some more thought. Thinking back over the years, there have been several occasions where I have either been out and about and even in my home when without warning, have experienced really bad falls. On a couple of these events, I was home alone and when I fell, I had hit my head knocking me unconscious only for my husband to find me when he got home. Fortunately I did not injure myself too bad but the last fall that I experienced, again home alone when I fell off the treadmill. It was a hard fall and bruised myself up pretty good, even fractured my thoracic spine at level 6 but did not realize it until a MRI was performed a couple of weeks later checking on my MS. My doctor questioned how I got that fracture when my mind went back to that fall. I knew I was banged up pretty bad, was really sore all over, and yes there was pain in my back at the fracture site; it was a non-displaced compression fracture. I was told that this was the second time I had fractured my spine at that site.

My Personal MS Falls

There have been several near misses of falling by losing my balance in the shower, taking walks, trying to step over objects but not getting my foot or leg high enough, or just plain tripping over my feet by not walking correctly, like having foot drop. When it comes to safety in my home, my husband and I have worked hard at removing items that could cause falls and adding support handles in places where falls could happen like in the bath room. You never know when or how your next fall will take place so that is where I would like to take this time to suggest giving some thought in obtaining one of these symptoms for yourself. There are many systems out there providing a necklace or wristband where you can push a button for help. I have seen one advertise where your cell phone can be set up as one and today there was one that talked about having an automatic system that can detect when a fall has happen and a call is made for emergency services if you don’t response to them when they check in on you.

Lisa’s Advice

Whether you live alone or spend a lot of time alone, safety needs to always be at the front of your mind. You never know when you will fall and if you will be unlucky enough to break a bone or if you will hit your head causing you to become unconscious. Also, you may not have your phone within reach to call for help. I am urging you to give this some serious thought; it could be the one thing that could save your life!

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