MS Headache TIPS

WHAT TO DO before you get an MS ‘headache’

Tips from MSlisaSAYS

MSlisaSAYS gives tips on headaches

Did you know that Migraine headaches are often seen in patients with MS? Seems like the medical field now feel that migraines are associated with MS. I suffer from these types of headaches frequently. Some people have a funny taste in their mouth upon onset of headaches or even vision changes. I have the visual changes, black spots that come on.  What I do upon realizing that I am about to have one, is get somewhere cool and dark. I have found that BC powder is my first line of defense that is effective for me. Others have said they like Excedrin or Excedrin Migraine. Whatever works for you, take it immediately upon having your sensations before it gets out of hand.  Next I go to a dark, cool room and lay down without having any back ground noise. Catching it quickly is the key; ignoring it can get out of hand requiring heaver medications or doctor intervention to stop it. A true migraine has been said to last between 24-36 hours. This is an average and doesn’t apply to everyone. Write down what works for you so that you can remember if you are having some memory problems.

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