New Year, New Habits, New You

MS New Year Resolutions for 2014: Beginnings that you can implement while living with MS.

Christmas is now behind us and I am sure most of you are like me, we over indulged with too much great food, great drinks, and too much activity over the past couple of weeks. It isn’t over yet, we still have the end of the year coming up, kissing 2013 goodbye and looking forward to a brighter, healthier, better new year.

At the year’s end each year we all make mental notes of what we are going to do different next year, or make the NEW YEAR RESOLUTION. We start off determined to make it work, the weight loss plan, or eating better, saving money, etc. Whatever we said we wanted to do different each year after about a month we seem to lose interest and by month 3 we are back to our old habits; or most of us are. It seems like I am the world worst at changing old behaviors.

The older I get the better I get at making necessary changes in my life to improve my health,such as; weight loss, stop smoking, eating healthier. The new year is a great time to start improving your life, but changing old habits are not easy. I have read that to change a habit,you must be consistent with your new behavior for 30 -60 days for it to become ingrained in you.  It also gives you many great ways to be successful to change a habit.

Multiple Sclerosis New Year Resolutions

What is important here for those of us with MS is what do we need to change within our lives to be able to live better with our disease? Is it implementing more activity or exercise into our lives, getting better quality sleep, achieving more rest periods in our day, improving over all quality of our life?  To do this, let me start by saying to sit down and make a list of what you want to be different in 2014. List in by priority of importance for YOU. Give this a lot of thought, and be honest with yourself. Once that you have made this list, decide what you need to do to accomplish this. Don’t worry about what impact this change is going to make on others, because if it is going to improve your life that is what is the most important thing. If it means changing your physician, changing your medication, starting a support group, learning to say “NO”, changing jobs or stop working altogether, whatever you need to feel better then I urge you to do it for nobody else but for you!

You only have one life to live and it is not selfish to want to feel as well as possible. That is the best gift you can give yourself and the one’s you love. Reduce the stress in life any way possible, eat healthier, get the sleep that your body requires, put exercise into your daily routine, remember to take your medicine, keep a log of all your symptoms and how you are doing to be able to accurately speak with your physician, and most of all keep an open communication of your health with your family which includes what your needs are to feel better. Once we all have accomplished all of these things, we will see a better “US” for the 2014 year.  Have a great NEW YEAR, my friends.




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