Day 2 Treatment of Lemtrada



Having really good experience with this treatment

I slept well last night, but woke up nauseated from the treatment yesterday. So day two started off with a large dose of Zofran, IV push before the Solumderol even got started. Of course I took the other pre-medications before starting the Lemtrada and am a couple of hours into today’s treatment. So far no signs of any migraines which is really unusual since that and nausea are the two big side effects I experience.  Keeping a close eye on my blood sugar due to the Solumderol, I am not diabetic but am so sensitive to it that I can only take 500 mg each morning of the treatment in place of the normal 1000 mg that most everyone else gets.  I take insulin injections each time I do Solumderol because of the increase of blood sugars, but after two days of completion of that medication all goes back to normal.  Being diabetic would be extremely hard for me because of my love of chocolate. Not saying that I eat a great deal of that or any sweets, but I like it to be my choice not mandated due to health reasons.

We have a room here in Franklin to cut down on the long drive each day and am really grateful because of the sleeting and potential snow fall coming in this afternoon. Extreme cold weather affects me as negatively and hot weather making my symptoms of MS seem more exaggerated or pronounced. After a 6 hour day of medications and now the extreme weather I will be glad to get back to our hotel just to lay down and be still.  Tomorrow is my last dose, the weather is supposed to be getting warmer with predicted warm and sunny weekend ahead, so going home after that last treatment will be gratifying. Besides I miss my 4 legged baby, Schultz, our German Sheppard.  He is nearly two years old and doesn’t know that he is a dog, but he is so use to me being home with him all the time, I am sure he is missing us like crazy. Thankfully we have a close friend taking great care of him while we are gone, and probably is appreciating all the extra attention.

Day 2 is now over and I feel good, a little tired but nausea is under control and was able to eat a late lunch without any problems. No headache still, which if I didn’t know that I have now had two days of a chemotherapy drug, Lemtrada, I wouldn’t know that I have had anything expect for the Solumderol. I am praying that feeling good is related to all the prayers that have been lifted by many people and that this treatment is going to work this time only time will tell. Tomorrow is day 3 of the final treatment for this year and then head home.

Will keep a positive attitude that this is going to be the outcome we all are hoping for. Whatever the outcome, I am an optimistic person, so will continue my daily exercise routine, eat healthy, and do what I can on my end to keeping feeling as well as possible.

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