Day 3 of Lemtrada



The final day, now done for a year

Day three went really well, I woke up feeling great, no side effects at all. I was even able to eat breakfast before going for the last treatment of Lemtrada. When I arrived at the office they weighed me and I had gained 5 lbs just from the wonderful Solumderol treatment that I get prior to the treatment. I feel that most of the symptoms I have been feeling has come from the Solumderol than from the Lemtrada itself. This comes from many infusions of this steroid and knowing the side effects all too well. I was given IV Zofran prior to the dose per my request to make sure to ward off any nausea which could happen, but my treatment went really well and by early afternoon it was over. Lab work was done prior to my leaving the office and instructions for after care was provided to me along with a return appointment. Home Health will come monthly to flush my port and draw the monthly labs to see how the medication is working. This continues a full year after treatment.

My husband and I loaded up and headed home excited to be able to get back to the comfort of our own home and bed. It was great to get home to a clean house that I had left but I still felt the need to vacuum and mop upon arriving home since we had a pet in the house while we were gone. I still felt well enough to unpack and do my exercise program that was started weeks before going into the treatment. Now I am not wonder woman, so after the work out and a hot shower, I crashed and burned. It felt good to sleep in my own bed and was probably the best rest I had since arriving for my treatment.

Waking up though on day 4, the nausea had set in along with fatigue. It took me a couple of hours of just relaxing and drinking a cup of coffee to get myself ready for my daily workout. No matter how bad I feel, it never fails to surprise me how much better I feel while I exercise. I feel like I am sweating all the toxins from the medications out of my body getting my blood flowing and heart beating, plus helping to start get off the extra weight I gained. Rain is moving in today with a little cooler temps again which I respond negatively to but the news reported that after today the temperatures are supposed to start climbing reaching 70 degrees into next week. This gives me a lot of excitement because I always do better with the sun and warmer temps.

My husband, family, and I all feel the success of my response to this treatment is all related to all the prayers and preparation I did to get ready for it. My hope is that Lemtrada is going to work the way we all expect it to and that my up coming year will be wonderful with limited interruptions from MS. Regardless, my plan is to continue to exercise daily, eat healthy, and do everything possible to keep my body going in a positive direction. Thank you all who have followed this treatment and your prayers and support and my hope for you is that all is being done for you that is possible for a great year for you as well. May God Bless!

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