Final Update On My Treatment With Lemtrada


Last Treatment of Lemtrada

I have been really dragging my feet writing this post simply because what I am about to say not only is upsetting to me but also don’t want to discourage you about the great possibilities that Lemtrada has to offer. If you have been reading my past posts of my treatments with Lemtrada, you know that I have been taking it since 2007, back when it was called Campath. This drug has been so amazing for me and worked when nothing else did so needless to say with all it has done to get me out of a wheelchair and walking on my own, it is extremely hard for me to share that it is no longer working for my MS.

Last March I took treatment number 4 after going 4 years without taking anything for the treatment of MS and was surprised when my body didn’t respond to it. This past February, I took treatment 5 and once again my labs did not drop at all and have been experiencing increased weakness, fatigue, and other symptoms usually seen with a relapse. From what my doctor says that this is extremely unusual to happen, in fact he hasn’t seen this with any other patient that has been treated with Lemtrada. LET ME STATE THAT THIS IS NOT UNUSUAL FOR ME! My body for whatever reason does this with all types of medications and has for years. So please don’t write this up as the medication is not as good as what is being written or said about it. I have tried very hard to keep up with a great deal of individuals that I have met that is on Lemtrada, and everyone seems to be experiencing really fantastic results. My disappointment comes from so many levels from being one of the easiest medications to take, only once a year, to reversal of the MS itself. MRI’s came back time over time with lesions disappearing over the years and was able to regain walking skills, the use of all extremities and body functions. I felt so close to normal during those years of being on and off it that I would take it again and recommend it everyone who is not receiving satisfactory results from the medications they are on.

I have and will continue to fight for the FDA approval of Lemtrada and believe it will be a top choice of treatments in the fight of Multiple Sclerosis. So what is next for me? Not real sure as of this moment although my doctor says he has several plan B’s. My faith in God and my doctor makes me realize that when one door closes another one will open. If the other medications had not failed to work, I would have never tried Lemtrada. So I believe that there will be something out there that will work and get me back into remission. Until then, my plan is to continue to pray, exercise daily, eat healthy, and do all that is possible to keep my body and immune system working properly.

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