My Journey With MS After Lemtrada


One week post Lemtrada Treatment

One week has now passed and am really amazed at well I am doing. The first couple of days were a little difficult with nausea and fatigue but didn’t let that affect getting back on my daily routine. One hour after waking up, I am religiously on the treadmill for my workout. Each day it has been important to increase the duration and endurance levels so that the weight gained from the Solumderol would come off and also decrease the amount of fatigue experienced; and it has worked. It is amazing no matter how sluggish I have felt prior to the exercise, how much better I feel both mentally and physically after it is over.  My day then seems to open up and daily chores are becoming easier to accomplish than the day before. I still take needed rest periods to make it through a long day, but find that sleeping well at night is just as important.

Looking back over the past 4 treatments, it seems this is probably the best I have done out of all of them. Hopefully it can be contributed to all the preparation before going into it.  I have compared it to training for a marathon in a previous post, and still feel the same way. My outlook has been that medication can only do so much and the rest is left up to eating healthy, exercise, getting quality rest, having a positive attitude, and prayer. It has been important to me to always look for alternative things which could also help fight MS such as fresh air and sunlight, and taking vitamin D just to name a few. Many people have tried sun gazing, eating a raw diet, and going to a Herbalist or even a Chiropractor and have had positive results. Don’t be afraid to try anything new because you never know what might help. Lemtrada is a study drug which has also been called Campath and it was my something new. I am very grateful that my physician was willing to try this on me and pray that it will soon be FDA approved for everyone.

For now I am not where I want to be but honestly better than expected and that is a great thing. Being a type A personality will keep me pushing forward each day striving to be the best that I can be.





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