What A Good First Day, MS Treatment


my real life MS experience day 1

Day one treatment results from Lemtrada

It is day one of my treatment of Lemtrada and am a couple of hours in to the infusion and so far so good. I took my medications early enough before the treatment began that hopefully the usual side effects of nausea and headache have been post phoned for now.  It seems like the one thing I enjoy the most is talking with other MS patients who are back in the infusion area, finding out all about them and their stories. It feels good to talk with others who KNOW exactly what you are talking about and not having to explain things I experience in terms that I do for others who don’t have MS. I can always feel the smile on my face when the acknowledgment comes and they indicate that they truly understand exactly what I am talking about.  A bond forms instantly and then we exchange contact information saying we will keep in touch. Many of us have over the years, which has been great. Since there is nothing but time while the infusion is going on, it gives me time to find out what medications they are on and how each of them respond to it. With this being my 5th round of Lemtrada, I am usually the “Old Timer” giving my experience on this medication to others. As many of my post have stated, this is my miracle drug, so I am very happy to make positive recommendations about taking it.

Of course I have also brought books to read and music to listen to help time pass quickly. It takes about 6 hours to receive both the Solumderol then Lemtrada infusions which can make for a long day. Most veterans of lengthy infusions are recognized when entering the physician’s office because we all have about the same supplies; throw or blanket, pillow, a bag full of things to do such as books, computer, or other electronic devices, snack foods, and a drink.  For whatever reason, Lemtrada infusions have always taken place within the first 3 months of the year, while it has been cold outside. Since I love being outdoors, receiving it during the winter months have always been easy for me. By the time it is warming up enough to tolerate being outside, I am usually feeling better and ready to enjoy outdoor activity.

My day has now ended, and I did great. The medication has made me a little sleepy but other than that I don’t feel like I have taken anything. This is great, hopefully my preparation with working out is providing me this outcome. Hopefully day 2 will be as great.

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